LeadingRE Adds CB4C to Solutions Group Program

– CB4C provides cash flow solutions. –


CHICAGO (May 8, 2023) – Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® welcomes CB4C to its Solutions Group program of preferred business resources for its global network of 550 market-leading real estate firms. CB4C is a next generation cash flow solutions company, using proprietary technology that creates an excellent agent experience in less than 15 minutes.

CB4C deploys the premium underwriting and verification process by partnering with Pentagon-Level verification partners, such as Plaid and Intelli-Check. CB4C’s technology seamlessly merges with their dedicated and fully integrated customer care center for a streamlined approach to cash flow solutions. Agents can apply in minutes and, once approved, receive funds the same day.

“We are excited to partner with CB4C for our Solutions Group Program. CB4C is founded by industry veterans who know what agents need. Their commitment to empowering agents with financial flexibility is a testament to their dedication to the real estate industry,” said LeadingRE Vice President, Sales/Partnerships Jeff Kennedy.

“As a former brokerage member of LeadingRE, we are honored to once again be associated with the absolute best collection of independent brokerages around the globe. We look forward to rekindling relationships and delivering our best of breed cash flow solutions exclusively to our LeadingRE brokerage partners and their agents,” explained Brad Miller, President of CB4C

Learn more about CB4C at cb4cre.com  Learn more about Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® at LeadingRE.com.




About CB4C

CB4C offers cash flow solutions exclusively to brokerage partners and their agents nationwide. CB4C is founded by real-estate professionals with decades of industry experience and a proven track record of deploying superior services to agents and introducing new revenue opportunities to brokers. Above all, CB4C is committed to the success of agents and their businesses by advancing them with the capital they need when they need it.


About Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

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