Antitrust Guidelines for LeadingRE Meetings

As a member-based organization, LeadingRE has regular occasion to bring competitors together for meetings and other activities. While assemblies of competitors can raise antitrust concerns, LeadingRE is committed to vigilant compliance with all applicable laws. Because of this commitment, our events play a valuable role in promoting free and open competition within the real estate industry.

In order to preserve robust conversations within the bounds of the law, please remain cognizant of topics and situations that have the potential to lead to illegal arrangements, or that may have the appearance of doing so.

It is our policy that at all LeadingRE meetings and events, participants refrain from discussing potentially anticompetitive topics, including:

  • specifics regarding members' current or future prices, commissions, or components thereof, including discounts, rebates and credit terms;
  • contemplating an agreement to set or control prices or commissions;
  • contemplating a refusal to do business with any particular entity or individual or to “shut out” a competitor from market activity;
  • whether the pricing or practices of a competitor are “unethical” or constitute an unfair trade practice;
  • efforts to influence third party prices; or
  • what constitutes a “fair” profit margin.

We offer the above bullet points as examples only. Please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website here for more information about antitrust prevention and best practices.

If at any time during a meeting or event, you suspect that a conversation has taken, or is about to take, an anticompetitive turn, please remind the speaker and participants of their responsibility to comply with antitrust laws. If other participants continue the conversation, we recommend that you immediately excuse yourself from the discussion and contact Jessica Edgerton, LeadingRE Corporate Counsel & EVP of Operations, at

LeadingRE reserves the right to terminate, report, and otherwise penalize any member for reckless or knowing participation in illegal anticompetitive activity.

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