LeadingRE Adds Sellers Shield to Solutions Group Program of Preferred Providers


CHICAGO – (October 1, 2021) – Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® has added Sellers Shield™ to its Solutions Group program of preferred business resources for its global network of 550 market-leading real estate firms. Sellers Shield™ is an innovative real estate disclosure form solution that reduces the likelihood of home sale lawsuits and provides legal protection to home sellers if a lawsuit occurs.

Designed by legal experts, Sellers Shield™ was deliberately crafted to protect and provide a premium experience to home sellers, agents, and brokerages alike. The free digital disclosure process helps prevent mistakes by providing sellers with expert tips, definitions, examples, and additional resources as they fill out their disclosure forms online. Sellers can also opt into Home Sale Legal Protection™ for peace of mind after the sale. Because these tools help prevent lawsuits and limit agent liability, legal and insurance costs are significantly lowered for brokerages. Multiple national insurance carriers offer deductible waivers to brokers who use Sellers Shield™.

“In our virtual environment, Sellers Shield™ allows real estate agents to send the appropriate disclosure forms to their clients within seconds,” said LeadingRE Vice President, Sales/Partnerships Jeff Kennedy. “They know agents are busy, so ease and efficiency have been at the forefront of their product, and we look forward to sharing these tools with our members.”

Currently, in twelve states with a continued focus on national expansion, Sellers Shield™ is well-positioned to serve LeadingRE’s membership.

“LeadingRE has created a network of top boutique brokerages that consistently deliver high-quality customer experiences. We’re excited to align with LeadingRE because we’re committed to delivering a gold standard disclosure experience that sellers, agents, brokers, and buyers haven’t had in the past,” said VP of Strategic Partnerships, Mike Briggs.

Learn more about Sellers Shield™ at sellersshield.com. Learn more about Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® at www.LeadingRE.com.


About Sellers Shield™

Sellers Shield™ provides software solutions that protect real estate brokers, agents, and home sellers from lawsuits. Sellers Shield™’s state-of-the-art protection is designed by industry experts to reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit as well as provide security to sellers if one occurs.

Currently available in Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, and Missouri.

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