LeadingRE Selects Studeo as a Preferred Technology Solution

CHICAGO – (October 9, 2017) – Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® has named Studeo as a preferred provider through its Solutions Group program, which identifies business resources for its global community of 565 residential real estate firms.

Studeo offers a comprehensive program that combines a storytelling strategy, cutting-edge marketing techniques and unique interactive technology in a way that strengthens a brokerage’s brand, provides impactful marketing that attracts sales associates, boosts agent performance and creates new revenue streams.

“Listings with a storybook presentation have been shown to engage viewers for 10 times longer than a standard digital presentation,” said Robin LaSure, LeadingRE vice president, corporate marketing. “By making it so easy to create these compelling interactive storybooks, Studeo gives brokers and sales associates a powerful way to stand apart from the competition – whether they are showcasing a listing, promoting the brokerage or highlighting a specific neighborhood or development.”

“Studeo is all about showcasing the stories behind listings, neighborhoods and the expertise of the agent,” said Studeo co-founder Rebecca Rose. “We have brought a unique, compelling and incredibly shareable product to the marketplace that allows the consumer to engage with real estate content like never before. LeadingRE is a real estate system that encourages independence and a thirst for new ideas. We are meeting so many quality brokerages who want to compete on different levels, and so many people in the tech space have encouraged us to align with LeadingRE. We are thrilled with their advice.”

Learn more about Studeo at studeohq.com. Learn more about Leading Real Estate Companies of the Worldd® at LeadingRE.com.


About Studeo
Studeo, the world’s first interactive storytelling platform for real estate, was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Rose and Nir Betan. It received first place in the women’s Ignite Capital startup competition and was recognized as one of the top three emerging technologies by RESAAS. More than 4,000 agents are currently on the platform in the U.S. and Canada. The company is based in Toronto. For more information visit www.studeohq.com or call 647-352-3591.