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Offices: 1
Sales Associates: 32

Headquarters Location:
580 Executive Place
Fayetteville, NC United States

James Townsend

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Townsend Real Estate

Townsend Real Estate provides thoughtful committed service to anyone buying or selling property, regardless of size, location or price range. This satisfied the primary goal set by the founder when the company opened in 1983.
Over the years Townsend Real Estate has built a roster of highly qualified, responsive sales representatives. On-going training keeps agents up to speed on latest financing trends, changes in the market and all legal ramifications of real property sales.

Everyone in the Townsend firm has a working knowledge of every property in the company’s inventory. Experienced executive and agent assistants expedite information and transaction processes. Cellular phones, voice mail, e-mail and other up-to-the minute communications devices – electronic leashes – make agents accessible to clients, seven days a week, around the clock.

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