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Chevy Chase, MD United States

Jason Sherman

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RLAH @properties

RLAH @properties is a locally owned, boutique brand with top tier market share in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. We offer six strategic office locations across the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Our firm has over four-hundred highly-trained, licensed professionals who utilize industry-leading marketing & technology.

@relocation understands the unique challenges inherent to relocation and are committed to providing the highest level of service, accountability and professionalism to accompany this critical and oftentimes complex function. We believe that successful relocation transactions are the result of coordinated teamwork and constant communication between the referring company and the broker.  Our team of experienced relocation counselors and agents are dedicated to setting a new standard of excellence in the relocation field, and we invite you to discover why RLAH @properties relocation is one of the top referral sources among the nation’s most successful companies.

We leverage our generational knowledge of the community. We move with the world, but stay rooted locally. We have the education and tenure you would expect. We make sure to tailor our skill to our identity. You will know us by our reputation. You will love us for our deeds. 

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Relocation Director

Sebastian Galeano, CRP
(202) 320-8410

Incoming Coordinator

Sebastian Galeano, CRP
(202) 320-8410

Outgoing Coordinator

Sebastian Galeano, CRP
(202) 320-8410

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