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Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Lucien Douwes

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Immopartner Luxembourg

THE AWARD WINNING REAL ESTATE AGENCY IMMOPARTNER STARTED IN 2008. It initially had an office located in the sleepy town of Troisvierges, northern Luxembourg, a place surrounding by the rolling hills and meandering rivers of the Ardennes. 
Today it also has busy offices in Luxembourg (Belair) and Sandweiler in centre of Luxembourg as well as an additional office in Clervaux – again located in the north. Benefitting from more than 10 years’ experience as a renowned and well-respected luxury real estate agency, Immopartner caters to clients from all over the world who seek high-end residential properties. 
It offers specialised local and national market knowledge, good availability and communications, and the production of high-quality marketing materials. 
The agency uses traditional print media to advertise its services, such as national and international periodical publications and press and television adverts. 
However, the company also utilises innovative and cutting-edge techniques, such as drone property filming and online video. 
Immopartner promises to guide and listen to its clients as they go through the process of buying, selling or renting real estate. It also takes pride in making every effort to tailor its services to individual clients’ circumstances and wishes, whether they are located at home or abroad. 

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Lucien Douwes
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Lucien Douwes
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