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Dawn Dauphinee

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Domus Realty

The experience, dedication and understanding of your real estate agent can make the difference. At Domus, real estate is more than buildings and fixtures; it's about people and homes. Established in 1989, Domus Realty is a partnership that is dedicated to the highest professional standards. The positive working atmosphere at Domus reflects a concern for quality, and an unprecedented level of personal support for each other and for our clients. This is teamwork at its best - recognized and envied throughout the industry. Efficient administration, state of the art technological equipment, licensed assistants and comprehensive and complete service. Domus recognizes the special needs of the relocating client and is a member of several relocation networks. Most importantly, Domus is about values - values embodied in the words: integrity, dedication, professionalism, experience and understanding. Our high percentage of repeat business demonstrates the effectiveness of the Domus approach.

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Nova Scotia



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Dawn Dauphinee
+902 209 3506

Incoming Coordinator

Dawn Dauphinee
+902 209 3506

Outgoing Coordinator

Dawn Dauphinee
+902 209 3506

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