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Diamond Realty & Associates

Our goal at Diamond Realty & Associates is to be different than the typical real estate company. We believe different is better. Our focus is on relationships and people's needs, not just listings and units sold. We are heavily invested in the welfare of our community and participate in many Shreveport and Bossier City organizations / events in order to make a positive impact.

Our commitment to people and the relationship-focused business style has led to much of our success. We are very proud to say that in the past few years we have captured a large portion of the Bossier City housing market and are among the largest locally owned and operated company in Shreveport-Bossier City.

Diamond Realty & Associates maintains a full time staff of well trained professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for our agents, clients and customers. The best interests of our clients will always come first and we will place the clients’ concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction. We are dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships!

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