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714 Duchess Street
Saskatoon, SK Canada
S7K 0R3

Jordan Boyes

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BOYES Group Realty, Inc.

Boyes Group Realty Inc. has always been advanced in our field to include and work with the newest technology, training, and advertising. We strive to be top of our field in customer service and knowledge and are always open to change.  We are passionate about real estate, and helping people navigate this important decision.  For service you can always trust, contact us at Boyes Group Realty to see how we can help with your goals. 

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Battleford *

Regina *

Saskatoon *



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Relocation Director

Diana Debreuil-Frenette
(780) 964-7618

Incoming Coordinator

Diana Debreuil-Frenette
(780) 964-7618

Outgoing Coordinator

Diana Debreuil-Frenette
(780) 964-7618

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