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Michael Allen

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Boone, Hill, Allen & Ricks

Since 1982, Boone, Hill, Allen & Ricks Real Estate’s home has been at 2311 Sunset Avenue in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Over the years, we have served our clients with honesty and integrity and going forward we will continue to do so. Our reputation is and has always been important to our success.  

We pride ourselves on the rich history we have with Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas.  Our success is directly related to the success’ of the community we serve and that’s why we give back. Not only do our Brokers give their time to local charities and non-profits, we also give back monetarily to those in need. A portion of each transaction is set aside for local organizations that help support our community. 

With our history in the real estate business, we have figured out how to successfully market homes. With our “Home Marketing System” we market to the entire real estate community to make sure we get maximum exposure for your home. Of course, in today’s world we also take full advantage of social media and  other media in our marketing system.

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