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Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is a selective global community of the highest quality independent residential real estate companies, with over 550 companies and 150,000 sales associates in 70 countries. Network members generate over 1.1 million transactions annually.

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Finding a community to call home is an adventure - especially when you're moving someplace new. We're here to help you get a sense for what life is like in these places. Check out cities near and far through the eyes of local experts, see landmarks, extraordinary sights, and every day happenings from all around the globe.

I'm Moving Abroad

From Chicago to Paris and everywhere in between, don't take the leap with a stranger. Find an agent who knows the territory, find an expert, find a LeadingRE member. Start your move abroad on the right foot, search for properties and speak with agents who know the ins-and-outs of your next neighborhood.

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Fifty or five hundred miles away - find the exact property that fits your needs. Skiing, boating, or just relaxing, search for a second home that fits you. LeadingRE member agents can find you that special property that fits your needs, begin your search right now!


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