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Welcome to Newark, Delaware

Newark, Delaware is located in New Castle County about 12 miles southwest of Wilmington and approximately halfway between Philadelphia and Baltimore.  Originally a farming community settled by Scots-Irish, Welsh and English colonists in about 1700 the city was recognized as Newark in 1758 by King George II and thus began the charming and active metropolis we know today.

While the town of Newark’s industry and commerce began the traditional way its surrounding towns of the day had by farming and trading and then on to steam and water power, the next step that this community took was one of distinction and has thus changed the lives of thousands since.  Initially a prep school transplanted from New London, Pennsylvania what would soon become the stronghold of Newark went through some troubling times.  After the American Revolution, what was then known as the Academy merged with the recently incepted Delaware College and remained in service for 24 years until the Civil War caused its doors to close in 1858.  Delaware College continued delivering post-secondary education in 1870 and brought on its Women’s College in 1914.  Although the two divisions were not officially combined until 1944, the Men’s College appropriately became the University of Delaware in 1921 and the town surrounding it had become a petite city.  Attracting citizens with the prestige of the university alongside the local market and the increasingly expanding economy, Newark became a city to be reckoned with in Delaware.  Today the city is still centered around the university as well as its commercial variety and its residents, yet it maintains the motto that change is a good thing and will continue to do so for the next 300 years and beyond as it has in its past.

One of the many developments that Newark takes great pride in is their most recent renovation, their Downtown Newark Partnership.  This unique combination of shops and restaurants provides area residents with a quaint yet modern atmosphere to indulge in.  Noted as one of the most successful of its kind in the United States, this project was funded by both the city and the university.  Newark also provides over 500 acres of open space and parks for its citizens.  Within these parks are tennis courts, baseball/softball and soccer fields, street hockey and basketball courts and horseshoe pits among other things.  You’ll find a variety of sports and recreation for all ages and abilities year round to participate in throughout the city.

Newark is proud of its rich history and traditions and truly values its people – what a wonderful place to live!