Current Listings: 189
Average List Price: 1,156,545

Currency: Bahamian dollar
Population: 307,000
Capital: Nassau


About the ABACO Islands

The Abaco Islands, located in the northern Bahamas archipelago, are just 160 miles east of Florida. With protected turquoise waters and dozens of offshore cays (pronounced “keys”, please), the islands are a magnet for boaters, anglers, divers and nature lovers. The third most populated island in the Bahamas, Abaco has a long and colourful history, from the indigenous Lucayan Indians to swashbuckling pirates and the Loyalists who fled the US after Independence in the 1780’s.

The thriving commercial centre on the “mainland” of Great Abaco Island is Marsh Harbour with a population of approximately 6,000. This busy town boasts a deep-water protected natural harbour, international airport, freight port, restaurants, hardware stores, medical facilities and more.

The mainland of Great Abaco encompasses thousands of acres of pristine pine forest, miles upon miles of stunning white sandy beaches and surprising natural elements like “blue holes”, the endangered Abaco parrot and craggy elevated rocky shorelines. The mainland offers sport such as bone fishing on the “flats”, hiking and kayaking.

Several small villages dot the large island from North to South, some with just tens of inhabitants to several hundred hard-working citizens. Each village maintains its own unique characteristics and charm.

Many of the people of Abaco, “Abaconians”, are descended from hearty stock. Independently minded souls, they have endured the trials that Mother Nature and Man sometimes dish out. In addition to the native-born, there is a sizable population of “ex-pats”, non-Bahamians, who have made the island their home. These two diverse, sometimes multi-cultured, populations work ceaselessly together to insure that the future of Abaco is protected and cherished for the good of all, residents, second homeowners and visitors alike.