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860 West Beech St.
Long Beach, NY United States

Jennifer Bartko

Petrey Real Estate

Established in 1928, Petrey Real Estate is owned and operated by the mother-daughter broker team of Vicky and Jennifer Bartko. With locations in both Atlantic Beach and Long Beach, the Bartkos have been consistently recognized over the past 25 years among the most innovative and progressive brokers in Long Island’s unique coastal towns. Less than 20 miles from downtown NYC, Long Beach and Atlantic Beach are blessed with the same ocean beaches found in the Hamptons, as well as a vibrant bayside boating and fishing culture. Once considered a hidden gem, the Bartko’s have been at the forefront of the area’s renaissance, helping scores of seasonal buyers and young families from Manhattan and Brooklyn discover their new homes amidst the sun, sand, and a burgeoning food and nightlife scene. From high-end, full service luxury buildings along the Long Beach ocean boardwalk, to spectacular, one-of-a-kind waterfront mansions in Atlantic Beach’s exclusive neighborhoods, the Bartkos and Petrey Realty have proven that they can meet the expectations of the most discerning clientele.

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Jennifer Bartko
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Jennifer Bartko
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Jennifer Bartko
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