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Offices: 13
Sales Associates: 5000

Headquarters Location:
AI Moosa Tower 1 Level 3, Office 305 Sheikh Zayed Road
PO Box 9567
Dubai, DU United Arab Emirates

Kashif Ansari

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IQI Properties

IQI is a multi-award winning, international real estate investment and advisory firm. IQI does things differently. The firm is not afraid of exploring new avenues of innovation so that they might grow continuously and leave a positive and lasting impression. IQI is proud to maintain the highest standards of quality and sales performance. Year after year, IQI boasts a strong global sales team with over 5000 dedicated and professional members across our offices. 

Headquartered in Dubai, a strategic location, IQI has offices across the globe including Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, the UK and US. IQI is the leading real estate firm in South East Asia catering to 600 over million people.  Whether you want to buy, rent or realize the capital on your existing property investment in Dubai, you can trust our team to work with you every step of the way.  

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Relocation Director

Nabeel Mungaye
+971 4 352 477

Incoming Coordinator

Nabeel Mungaye
+971 4 352 477

Outgoing Coordinator

Nabeel Mungaye
+971 4 352 477

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