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Offices: 7
Sales Associates: 220

Headquarters Location:
Cours de Rive 7
Case Postale 3753
Geneva, Switzerland

Quentin Epiney

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In business for over two centuries, Comptoir Immobilier is emerging as a major player in Swiss real estate, counting over 220 employees at your service across seven agencies throughout French-speaking Switzerland. Proactive by nature, Comptoir Immobilier provides you service and support for all your realty needs: Real estate management, Brokerage, Research & Development, Commercial real estate, Condominiums, Commercial and Residential rentals as well as Facility and Mall management. The Comptoir Immobilier is proud to provide value-added Real Estate services to its clients, constantly strive for maximum satisfaction while continuously reinforcing its core values: Trust, Elegance and Conquering spirit.

220 associates (270 with our related companies)

520 million Swiss Francs in rental income under management

Representing 12 billion francs of real estate assets

45’000+ rental units

3 billion Swiss Francs currently in development


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