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Offices: 2
Sales Associates: 53

Headquarters Location:
17400 Memorial Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA United States

Paul Burns

Burns and Company, Inc., Realtors

Burns & Co. Inc./REALTORS was founded in 1993.  The president and founder has had strong visibility in the local real estate marketplace as well as in the national relocation arena since 1977.  Purchasing Dot Craig REALTORS in 1998 and DSK Inc./REALTORS in 2003, both having had a major commitment to relocation, reinforced the strong dedication to the relocation industry.  The president of Burns and Company, Inc., Realtors is active in numerous civic areas as his goal of "knowing and giving back to the community" continues to be a major part of his company philosophy.  This commitment carries over to a "caring" attitude in the relocation services within the company.  Your referrals are "in good hands" with Burns & Co. where ongoing relocation training and our strong commitment to excellent service places the Burns & Co. Relocation team in "first place" for top level service and timely and accurate communication.  Burns & Co. services seven parishes (counties), including the Greater Baton Rouge metropolitan area.