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Petračićeva Street 4
Zagreb, GZ Croatia

Nino Cosic

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A NEKRETNINE (A REAL ESTATE) is the first Croatian boutique digital real estate agency. We are the team of experts with a perfect understanding of the local real estate market. Our diverse educational background and working experience provide one of a kind approach to every single need of our client.
Whether we are working to find a villa, a small studio or a house by the sea, we always bring our in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm. We operate in Zagreb, Croatian capital as well as in luxurious Istria, refreshing Lika and beautiful Dalmatia.

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Grad Zagreb

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Nino Cosic
+38 591 15 48448

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Nino Cosic
+38 591 15 48448

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Nino Cosic
+38 591 15 48448

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