I'm Moving Abroad

Thinking About Moving Abroad?
Here’s Some Food for Thought:

Your wanderlust has reached the next level and you are thinking about buying a home abroad. This is an exciting time for sure, but not a situation to enter lightly. There are many things to consider before buying that villa in Tuscany or that beach front property in Panama; here are just a few:

Do You Speak the Language?
English is widely spoken in many countries, but not everywhere, especially in small towns and villages. Are you prepared to live in a place where you can’t easily have a conversation, ask for directions or order food? Are you willing to learn the language? Not understanding a language causes some people to feel isolated, even lonely. Is this something you can handle?

Do You Have Your Papers in Order?
Make sure you can legally move to another country and work in that country (if that’s part of your plan). Ensure that you passport is up-to-date and that you’ve obtained a work visa for the country you are entering. Do your research on labor laws in your destination country and make sure there are job opportunities, if you don’t already have something in place. The job market is vastly different from one country to another.

Do You Really Have the Money to do This?
You might have the money to purchase a home in another country, but have you considered all of the other expenses you might incur with this move? Will you be shipping your belongings? Will you store your belongings in your home country? Have you anticipated taxes? Have you considered currency fluctuations? Have you explored banking options? How are you planning on managing your finances in your country of origin while you are in your new destination?

Have You Considered Everyday Needs?
Do you take prescription medications and will you be able to get them in your new destination? Have you explored health care options in your new location? Have you researched the quality of medical care and emergency services? Are there certain “can’t-live-without” staples like your favorite cereal or health and beauty products that you’ll be missing? It might sound silly — that is, until you are looking for it!

Do You Have Pets?
You might have clearance to move to this new destination, but there’s a good chance that your pet might not. Make sure to do research on bringing pets into your new location, many countries do not permit it, some require a quarantine period. If your destination country does permit it, make sure your pet is up-to-date with vaccinations.

Are You Prepared to be out of Your Comfort Zone?
The romance of moving to a new country can wear off quickly if you feel like a fish out of water. Be open to trying new foods, meeting new people and learning cultural nuances. Be prepared to feel foolish at times, humbled at others and ready to soak up the adventure!