Home Buying

Curb Appeal Ideas

It's the first thing anyone sees when you have visitors. This is the primary photo when listing your house. It's the last part of your home you see when you leave and the first thing to welcome you home when you return.

Your yard and the front of your house are important for home sellers as well as fixing up the appearance for newly purchased home buyers. Nobody wants to be the new neighbor everyone complains about bringing down the look of the street and you don't want to steer potential buyers away simply because your yard looks a mess. These few simple tips and tricks will give your home the curb appeal your house warming guest will admire or will bring in several showings and get you to the closing table in no time!

Work with your season. So it's winter and there are no beautiful greens to bolster up the front of your home? Put some wreathes up on your front door or hang on lamps or posts(they don't need to just be for the holiday). There are also several year round hedges and plants to add to the front of your home to give it a livelier look in every season. If it is the spring or summer, make sure to tend to the weeds and plant various flowers for some color to add some vibrancy. Don't have a green thumb? You can purchase and roll grass out onto the lawn or buy potted plants that don't need a lot of maintenance. If you don't get a lot of rain in your area, add a timed sprinkler that you don't even need to remember to water. In the fall, falling leaves can be pretty, but make sure to rake your leaves and dispose of them once they start to look brown. Pumpkins are a great touch for the season, but make sure to take additional photos without the pumpkins if you are adding a listing so it doesn't look as though the listing has been up for too long after the fall season.

Paving your driveway/ filling in cracks. This is something many homeowners may overlook, but is fairly simple to fix and people do notice and consider foundation issues if the driveway is uneven and cracked. Keeping a fresh coat of pavement or covering up driveway imperfections will have people easily driving up and then walking into your home.

Painting your house, front door, shutters and fences. Highly suggested because not only will adding fresh paint upgrade your home, but this is also a feature you can add to your listing documentation.

Additional suggestion is retiling or securing and cleaning the stains from your roof, which can also be featured within a listing. This can give the appearance that the house is brand new if the shingles aren't moldy and look lopsided and loose.

Fresh mulching and adding a defined trim to separate where the plants, path or grass starts will make your yard more organized. These small details will also make your garden front look fuller and give the impression the yard is flourishing. You can also get creative with the path from your sidewalk/driveway to the door by lining a small pebbled path with the defined garden and grass boundaries to keep the path intacked. Flat stone paths or lining paths by way of motion censored lights can also make the space more unique and inviting.

Keep it simple. Regarding all the previous suggestions, if this is a home you are trying to sell, so it's best not to personalize it too much. Ask your real estate agent the current trends and similar styles that are selling quickly within the area. Buyers want to have a clean enough canvas so they can see themselves in the home or something they can customize easily. If the home was painted bright orange with hot pink shutters, that may be difficult for a buyer to change easily and might completely turn them away because they can't visually relate. If this is a newly purchased home you are looking to upgrade, keep in mind ease of maintenance and the area you live in. Do your research keeping in mind plants that may not sustain well in your climate, your ability to keep up with watering a specific type of flower or even paint easily fading due to the color choice. By investing in the appropriate outdoor updates for your home, you can benefit by being able to easily impress and maintain or sell your home.