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South Dakota

Rapid City Arts and Attractions

Rapid City Arts
The Rapid City – Black Hills community (50 x 100 miles) is a cultural center which offers a myriad of experiences in theatre (both community and traveling Broadway shows), art, music, dance, literature, Native American culture (including the Black Hills and Northern Plains Indian Pow Wow and Arts Exposition), and crafts.  The Dahl Fine Arts Center which has gallery and classroom space displays an epic mural (180 feet around and 10 feet high) that is the nation’s only mural of United States history.  The New Gallery located on the SD School of Mines & Technology campus features challenging educational art and science exhibit.

Mount Rushmore
The monumental granite carving of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt (Theodore) was completed in 1941 and is the most visited attraction in the Black Hills, drawing an estimated 2.5 million visitors each year.

Crazy Horse Memorial
A work in progress, this monument was started in 1941 and, when completed will be 563 feet high (taller than the Washington Monument) and larger than the Sphinx.

Storybook Island
Storybook Island opened in Rapid City in 1959 and is a dream world of outdoor stage settings pertaining to fairy tales and nursery rhymes beloved by generations.

Dinosaur Park
Seven life-sized dinosaurs created of concrete and steel dwell on a hilltop overlooking Rapid City.  They were dedicated in 1936, and “live” in a 22.5-acre park hosting 1,000 visitors daily in the summer months.

Custer State Park
73,000 acres in the park which includes South Dakota’s highest mountain, Harney Peak, a bison herd, 4 lodges, and numerous activities.

Wind Cave National Park has more than 50 miles of mapped cave passages, and Jewel Cave national Monument is a giant underground labyrinth with a myriad of beautiful crystals.

Reptile Gardens
Reptile Gardens houses the largest collection of reptiles in the world.

Stavkirke Church
This is an exact replica of the picturesque 841-year-old Borgund Church in Norway with intricate woodcarvings, fancy shingles and dragon heads.

The City of Presidents (a great walking tour)
Twenty-seven life-size bronze statues of United States Presidents are located on the street corners of downtown Rapid City with four more to be added each year until project completion.