Current Listings: 47
Average List Price: 4,147,238

Currency: Qatari riyal
Population: 599,000
Capital: Doha


Real Estate Practices in Qatar

Real Estate Licensing Requirements in Qatar

Real Estate is governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the State of Qatar.

Available Housing Types in Qatar

  • Non-Serviced Apartments
  • Serviced apartments
  • Standalone villas
  • Compound Villas
  • Townhouses

Real Estate Commission in Qatar

The standard commission structure in the State of Qatar is as follows:

  • Leasing: Equivalent to (four) 4 percent of the yearly Lease value for the first year rental period.
  • Sales: Equivalent to (two point five) 2.5 percent of the transaction value.

What type of mortgages or financing options are available to foreign investors?

Various payments plans depending on project/property type/owner.  The norm found is 40% deposit at time of reservation.

Property Taxes in Qatar

Qatar has no system of personal income tax, no value-added or sales taxes and no capital or wealth tax.

Acquisition Costs for the Buyer in Qatar

  • Agency Fee (2- 2.5%) -Owner’s Association Fees (depending on property location)
  • Transfer/Registration Fee (2.5%) -Annual Service Charges
  • Utility deposits

Title Practices in Qatar

  • Sales Purchases Agreements signed
  • Title Deeds however many properties do not have title deeds and SPAs are enforced

Closing Procedures in Qatar

  • Full payment must be received with all relevant clearances provided
  • All outstanding utilities must be cleared by Seller
  • Buyer must register utilities under his name

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