Current Listings: 35
Average List Price: 313,326

Currency: Jamaica dollar
Population: 2,583,000
Capital: Kingston


Living in Negril, Jamaica!

Jamaica, originally inhabited by the Taino Indians, was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494.  England battle Spain for control and won in 1655.  Jamaica eventually gained independence in 1962, the first to do so and today, maintains a population around 3,000,000.  This growth makes Jamaica the largest English speaking island and the third largest island overall in the Caribbean.  The primary language is English and the currency is the Jamaican dollar.  The capital city of Kingston has approximately 500,000 inhabitants and is located on the south coast of the island.

Jamaica’s terrain is mostly mountainous and maintains a tropical year round climate. The economy is largely supported by tourism followed by exports of bauxite, gypsum and limestone.  Jamaica has six major seaports scatter ed around the island and one container port in Kingston.  Points of interest include the Blue Mountains, Dunns River Falls and James Bond Beach, named after Ian Fleming who resided in Jamaica and wrote the James Bond series there.  Jamaica has won the second most world and olympic medals behind the United States.