Current Listings: 295
Average List Price: 277,255

Currency: US dollar
Population: 168,000
Capital: Agaña (Hagåtña)


About the Country of Guam

Guam is a small island consisting of approximately 200 square miles centrally located between Japan and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. Guam was originally colonized by Spain shortly after its discovery by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. In 1898, Guam became a territory of the United States. Japan occupied Guam from 1941 – 1944 until the United States won back the territory after World War II. In 1950, the inhabitants of Guam were granted US citizenship through the Organic Act of Guam passed by the U.S. Congress. As a U.S. territory, Guam elects its own governor and lieutenant governor and has one non-voting delegate in the House of Representatives. The economy is driven by tourism, primarily from Japan and Korea, and a large U.S. military presence. Anderson Air Force Base and Naval Forces Mariana have the largest military presence on the island currently. The strategic location of Guam makes it an ideal location for all branches of the U.S. military. The year-round tropical climate brings over one million tourists annually from other countries as well including Taiwan, Philippines, Australia and the United States. The current population of 180,000 is expected to experience a significant increase by nearly 60,000 civilian and military residents in the next five years due to the planned expansion of U.S. military base activities on the island. The housing market has seen modest price increases as a result of the island’s growth in both population and popularity. Ocean front condominiums are quite popular and single family homes are still considered affordable.