Current Listings: 321
Average List Price: 948,853

Currency: Costa Rican colón (pl. colones)
Population: 4,023,000
Capital: San José

Costa Rica

Ojochal, the Hidden Foodie Town of Costa Rica!

Ojochal is located on the South Pacific of Costa Rica.  A seasonal and retirement community, the town has seen a great influx of individuals from France, Europe and Eastern Canada.  This has brought along talented restaurant entrepenuers who have established some of the finest restaurants in Costa Rica, and you would probably have just driven by!  The restaurants of Citrus, with its fusion cuisine, Exotica, with its international cuisine, Ylang Ylang with its authentic Indonesian cusine, have all been long time fan favorites in the community.  New restaurants like Azul, Verde, Zingi's, have also joined the ranks and made the community the hot spot in the Southern Zone for good eating.  The community has even established a yearly tasting event, where patrons can experience each restaurant in one location.  Dinner at any of these locations is not to be missed!  Oh, and let's not forget Le Bisto, with live music and DJ's, along with the perfect cocktails to end the night!