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Average List Price: 973,955

Currency: Costa Rican colón (pl. colones)
Population: 4,023,000
Capital: San José

Costa Rica

A New Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a Spanish territory since 1563, joined together with several Caribbean nations to declare its independence in 1821.  In 1838, Costa Rica officially declared its sovereignty.  Today, the population hovers around 4,000,000.  The official language is Spanish and the currency is the colon.  The capital city of San Jose is home to approximately 1.5 million residents.

Costa Rica has experienced great progress in providing a better standard of living for its residents.  Through a sustained social spending plan, Costa Rica has been able to provide universal access to education and healthcare, setting itself apart from neighboring countries in Central America.

The economy is boosted by large exports of bananas, coffee and sugar.  More recently, high value items such as microchips and medical equipment have further bolstered the economy.  Costa Rica has also successfully attracted more direct foreign investment per capita than others in Latin America.

Transportation of goods and services is accomplished through railways and major seaports on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  Tourism traffic is efficient with many non-stop flights to the two international airports.  There are a multitude of regional airports to facilitate transportation within the country, as well.

The combination of coastal planes and mountainous terrain inland make Costa Rica a bio-diverse country home to thousands of plant and animal species.  For this reason, ecotourism is a large economic driver for Costa Rica.  The climate ranges from tropical to sub-tropical with cooler temperatures in the rugged mountains.

Costa Rica is home to many successful people including Franklin Diaz, Astronaut, Giannina Facio, actress and numerous well known soccer players such as Joel Campbell and Keylor Navas.