Current Listings: 129
Average List Price: 2,915,116
Open Houses: 95

Currency: Australian dollar
Population: 18,886,000
Capital: Canberra


About Melbourne – Victoria

Victoria is Australia's second-smallest state, compacted into 227,600 square kilometres - approximately the size of Brittan. Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is said to be the second largest city in Australia, in terms of population. It is situated in the south-east of the country, around Port Phillip Bay. Victoria is a diverse state, world class wineries to natural springs, coastal villages to alpine towns.

South Australia, with its huge semi-desert areas in the far Outback, is the driest out of all of the states.

Melbourne is often called the ‘Sporting and Cultural Capital of Australia' as it is home to some major cultural and sporting events and institutions. Melbourne is recognized for its magnificent public architecture, parks and opulent mansions.

There is a lot to love about Melbourne, the city itself sits beside the Yarra River, and is within a short drive to beaches and ski reports. Luna Park, in Melbourne's bayside suburb of St Kilda, is the oldest amusement park in the world under private management. Melbourne people love the city’s vibrant energy, historic laneways lined with cafes, home grown designer boutiques and its transport infrastructure which includes an extensive tram network.

Melbourne enjoys a temperate climate with warm-hot summers; spring and autumn are mild, the winters cool. Melbourne is seldom unbearably cold or unbearably hot.