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Headquarters Location:
851 Spruce Street
Winnetka, IL United States

Steve Hudson

The Hudson Company

The Hudson Company is a full service brokerage firm serving Chicago’s North Shore communities. We are a boutique firm that focuses on the needs of the client and provide an unequalled level of service to both home buyers and sellers. Our agents are all very experienced and are thoroughly involved in all aspects of our community life. Our priority is to understand the client so we can anticipate how their real estate needs can be met rather than to be reactionary. After all, our business is about the client. This focus has made The Hudson Company the third largest firm in our market area with sales per agent that are higher than all other competitors and double that of most of the firms in our market. All of our agents are adept at handling clients moving into and out of the area and can be the key to make the transition manageable and enjoyable for the client.

* Office Location Illinois






Winnetka *

Relocation Director

Steve Hudson
(847) 446-9600

Incoming Coordinator

Karen Edwards, GRP
(847) 446-9600

Outgoing Coordinator

Karen Edwards, GRP
(847) 446-9600

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