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Sales Associates: 193

Headquarters Location:
10540 Talbert Avenue
100 W
Fountain Valley, CA United States

Frank McDowell

Star Real Estate

Star Real Estate, established in 1977, boasts a 43% market share and a 30% conversion rate on incoming referrals. Not the biggest, simply the best. Our marketplace extends as far west as Lakewood/Long Beach, north to Orange and south to Mission Viejo. Our staff of agents have been licensed for an industry high standard of 14 years; Experience Creates Results. We are a multi-cultural office with Realtors skilled in many languages, dialects and customs. Star is committed to exceeding client expectations!

* Office Location California

Corona Del Mar

Costa Mesa

Fountain Valley *

Garden Grove

Huntington Beach *



Long Beach

Newport Beach

Santa Ana

Seal Beach


Sunset Beach *


Relocation Director

Nikki Bruce
(714) 378-3422

Incoming Coordinator

Nikki Bruce
(714) 378-3422

Outgoing Coordinator

Nikki Bruce
(714) 378-3422

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