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Offices: 1
Sales Associates: 32

Headquarters Location:
1180 Lexington Avenue
Mansfield, OH United States

Peter Haring

Haring Realty Inc.

Haring Realty was founded in 1983 with the philosophy “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Through the recruitment and training of professional sales associates, as well as hard work, dedication and service to the customer and community, Haring Realty rapidly grew into the area’s leading real estate firm.

Haring Realty’s mission is to provide quality and complete real estate services for our clients including rental assistance and a full-service relocation department to assist families moving across the country or across town. We have proven our dedication to customer service and strive to maintain our professional image as “The Name you know, the Reputation you trust.”

Our exceptionally strong market presence continues due to both our award-winning advertising department and a commitment to the ongoing training of our professional team of sales associates. Excellent service can always be expected from Haring Realty, "where caring is key".