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Offices: 3
Sales Associates: 10

Headquarters Location:
Po Joan Carles I, No:23
Edificio Mediterraneo Local 6
Ibiza, IB Spain

Estela Estevez Abal
+34 971 931 562

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Estela Exclusive Homes

Estela Exclusive Homes has been serving the luxury real estate market of Ibiza and Madrid for over 15 years. The company’s extensive list of international clientele has been developed through superior service and personal recommendations. Continued success of Estela Exclusive Homes is predicated on the company’s dedication to understanding each client’s profile, their preference for discretion and an extensive knowledge of available properties. Estela Estevez, founder of Estela Exclusive Homes, ensures that the company remains dedicated to the core principles of taking care of the unique needs of each individual client served.