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Offices: 1
Sales Associates: 5

Headquarters Location:
29th Primaverii Bld,1st Floor, 1. district
Bucharest, B Romania

Codrin Matei
+40 21 232 45 40

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Crosspoint is an investment house with the definite mission of providing the best quality advices on real estate and financial sectors of the Romanian market. Over the years, we assited our clients in various economic areas due to our deep knowledge of the financial mechanism. We brought up tailor-made solutions for each of our clients in investment banking field, M&A, structured finance, strategic capital rising and also corporate finance. Through our real estate business, that includes sale, leasing & acquisitions or purchasing any type of residential, commercial and office projects, we want to offer not only the best-in- industry advice for our clients, but also personalized services according to their specific needs. The know-how we achieved allows us to be an unique and weighty player on the local market.

* Office Location Bucuresti

Bucharest *

Relocation Director

Simona Buta
+40 728 711 820

Incoming Coordinator

Mihai Dumitrescu
+40 212 32 45 40

Outgoing Coordinator

Mihai Dumitrescu
+40 212 32 45 40

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