Sydney City Spotlight

Living in largest city in Australia is pretty easy with so many attractions to see.

Feel the heat in Sydney, Australia and then cool off in its harbor, the largest natural harbor in the world. Sydney is the ideal destination for sailing, surfing and sea bathing. If you do want to be in the harbor, the ferries are some of the most popular, carrying over 14 million people a year. This unique area attracts many visitors who want to see animals that can be found nowhere else, snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef and see what it means to be an Aussie. Natives of Australia in places such as Sydney know that the continental country is all this and more.  One of the largest cities in Australia is Sydney. Founded by a diverse population including those who were originally exiled for crimes in the United Kingdom, Sydney is today a world class city that allows resident to enjoy both urban life and easy access to the lush surrounding countryside. While housing costs here can be high, many residents find it worth living here as doing so means they can be part of the city. 

Sydney is not a location were people go to visit one attraction, there are too many attractions Sydney is known for. The Sydney bridge and opera house are two massive tourist attractions. However, because of its popularity, it is one of the most expensive cities with property prices rising.

The cities temperature does not range too much over the year, however May through August are typically a bit chillier than the rest. The average high in 75 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 64 degrees Fahrenheit in July. This humid subtropical climate location typically experiences 49-64% humidity.

Incredible Amenities 

The city of Sydney is surrounded by water on three sides. Residents who live in the regional suburbs can get to work via ferry, taking in the incredible views as they do so. Another amazing thing about living here is the wildlife. Colorful birds such as lorikeets (a relative of the parakeet) frequent area backyards each day. Wild parrots also fly in the area, making this place one of the world's bird watching paradises. The regional climate is very mild meaning that snow is rare and sunshine is plentiful. Any resident can take the time to be outdoors as often as they like. More than a hundred area beaches make swimming easy and fun. During the warmer months, attractions include the Royal Botanical Gardens where native flora and fauna show of amazing colors

Wonderful Food 

Sydneysiders, as residents are known, enjoy an astonishing access to fresh foods of all kinds. The Sydney Fish Market has fish from local waters and from all over the Pacific Ocean, helping people here to enjoy a healthy diet whether in a restaurant or at home. The city is also home to people from all over the world, many of whom have brought their cuisines with them. Those who love food here can grab a quick meal choosing from widely available cuisines in the city including Vietnamese and French. Coffee and beer are also popular as locals can sample from dozens of local breweries.

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