Negril City Spotlight

Relax or invest in Jamaica's destination location

Located on the western side of the island of Jamaica, Negril is quiet, unpretentious living at its best. This small resort town enjoys a tranquil beach and excellent weather.

Exclusive, yet still accessible, Negril is the place to be for those who expect good value for their money.

The Beach Scene

There are about 6,000, full-time residents in Negril. These fortunate souls have access to some of the best beach area in the world. In fact, travel journalists routinely rank Negril as one of the top ten beaches. The four to seven miles of sand and surf also has a place on many a personal bucket list.

People can find whatever they want on the beach. Those who enjoy the fancy all-inclusive hotels stick to the north end; meanwhile, tourists who seek smaller establishments gravitate toward the south side. Prices vary according to location and amenities; however, most visitors find something within their budget.


July is by far the best time to be in Negril, when the temperature averages 81 degrees. For swimmers, the water is around 84 degrees in July, optimal for an evening swim.

Things to Do

Despite its small size, Negril offers a plethora of activists for visitors and locals alike. Many come here for the lively reggae music. The town has a number of venues where the genre receives top billing. Also, each summer, artists from around the country descend upon nearby Montego Bay for the big Sumfest.

Diving is another popular pastime. The beautiful underwater Caribbean coral makes a perfect backdrop for social media pictures and videos.

The party crowd heads downtown where the host of bars and clubs offer a chance to unwind from any accumulated stress.

A Bright Future

Negril remains much less developed than some other international resort communities, which is a positive. For those hoping to invest in property, there is tremendous room for growth. In fact, many developers are now looking toward Negril because of its recent popularity with college students. Spring Breakers head to the town in droves, bringing their dollars with them each year. Some residents rent out their homes, making a significant profit in only a few weeks.

Last, but not least, the opening of travel to Cuba for Americans will have an effect on Jamaica. Experts see the expected overall rise in Caribbean travel to be a good thing for Negril. Since Americans will still find it difficult to purchase property in Cuba, they will increasingly head to the more business-friendly environment of Jamaica, where Negril still has a lot open space.

Ex-pats are a mere hour and a half from Miami, so they can still return if they ever need to get some work done in the states.

For all of these reasons, and more, Negril is a top place to call home in the 21st century.

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