Geneva City Spotlight

Geneva, Switzerland is the second largest city in the country, located at the Southern end of Lac Leman, French for Lake Geneva.

Geneva is home to one of Switzerland's primary airports, making it a great location for second home. The Jet d'Eau is Geneva's iconic fountain, viewable from both the East and West side of Lake Geneva's Southern tip, which pushes water 140 meters into the air. Switzerland has three official languages: German French and Italian; residents speak primarily French in Geneva.

Wondering what you can do if you relocate to Geneva, Switzerland? With over 100 public beaches (most have free admission), summertime swimming and sunbathing is a popular activity. Beaches that do charge an entrance fee typically offer patrons additional opportunities such as pools and dining options. There are abundant bike paths around Lake Geneva, available for both the Avid cyclist along with the fresh biking families.

Wintertime offers both nearby skiing and ice skating options - equipment rentals are available at most locations.

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