Berlin City Spotlight

Life in Berlin has many great advantages, explore the depth of the culture and quality of life inside one of Europe's greatest cities.

Living in Berlin, Germany has seen quite the uptick in both rental and housing demands. The depth of culture and history, affordable quality of life have attracted large companies and startups alike to call Berlin home. Population increases from refugees relocating into the German market, along with low interest rates, has driven demand up and recent sale & rent comparisons have clearly reflected this. Yet Berlin still remains relatively inexpensive compared to other major markets such as London, Frankfort and Tokyo.

Both Residents and non-residents have options to rent in Berlin: Renting and Sub-letting. Residents that rent a property outright typically deal directly with the owner of the property. This requires stronger background checks and greater responsibility on the tenant. It is more difficult for non-German citizens to rent due to the lack of National documentation which is typically required.

Subletting (Untermieten in German) allows tenants to lease from the 'Renter.' This, as you can imagine, is typically less formal and is usually for a shorter amount of time.

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