LeadingRE.com Search Widgets

The LeadingRE.com widget samples below can be easily incorporated into any web site. They provide the functionality to quickly and seamlessly allow users on your web site to search across the country and around the world. Feel free to use these on your home page, property search pages, or simply include in your site footer to allow for a quick worldwide property search experience from every page on your site.

You may choose from the options below for simple drop-in code to add to your site. There is a Simple widget style allowing for a city, state, or zip code search in a rectangular format, and there is also a more robust widget allowing users to select minimum and maximum price as well as their minimum required number of beds and baths. Both varieties can be labeled as either National or Global search, depending upon which is more fitting to your placement.

Members, please note that all co-branding and competitive blocking works properly when using the widget from a domain we recognize as belonging to your firm. If your branding is not represented after clicking in via a widget search on your site, please contact us.

NEW Customizable Widget Available

Click here to access our new fully customizable Widget, allowing you to use your own HTML/CSS code to style to best fit to your brand and color themes.

Simple Widgets

Preference Selection Widgets

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Global Home Search
Leading Real Estate Companies of the World National Home Search

300x250 Ad Sized Selection Widget

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World National Home Search

For a simpler implementation by simply linking to our site, please see our linking options page.

Technical notes: This is hosted using Amazon’s Cloudfront for distributed fast loading and has been optimized using Google Page Speed. It utilizes the jQuery Javascript library but only loads if necessary and encapsulates itself through its built in No Conflict code so should not affect any other AJAX or javascript you have on your sites. If you plan to show multiple LeadingRE.com search widgets on a single page, please contact us for details on optimized code.